Kelly Michelle Ramsey

Nick name:

Kelly Welly / Ramsbottom

Favourite Food:

Lamb Chops

First impressions of working here:

Can’t remember been here too long

Current Impressions of working here:

Madness fun, lovely environments, flirty unique office

Favourite Colour

Pink to make the boys wink

Best chat up line you have ever heard/said:

Is your father a thief because he must of stoler the stars and put them in your eyes

Best thing about working here:

My lovely boss Stephen & my best mate Murph

Worst thing about working here:

The abuse i receive from Paul and Steve

What are you hobbies:

Socialising with friends (wine) Running around with my 5 year old Summer

What is your star sign:


What is your pet hate:

Housework (Need a cleaner)

What is your best quality:

Personality Typical Blonde

What is your worst quality:

Not organised & my diary

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